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Teal wallpaper is a beautiful mix of blue and green which can be used anywhere in the house. Our selection of teal contemporary wallpaper brings a modern feel to your home to help make an instant impression on guests. We have a large range of different styles and textures, including vinyl wallpapers and suede wallpaper. Our teal selection comes in plain and patterned options to give you the freedom to design your home exactly to your needs and specifications.
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Teal is a popular colour used in homes due to the fact that it can go very well with a few similar and contrasting colours. While it’s often used as a secondary and supplementary colour, you’ll see it on plenty of walls up and down the country. If you’re looking for a more floral or aqua look in your home, then teal would be a perfect colour as it represents the water signs and vegetation perfectly. Here, we can provide for you plenty of floral wallpaper as well as retro blocks, crocodile wallpaper designs, and enigmatic looks. If you feel as though you need something to go with a cream, beige, navy, gold, brown, or pink, then this colour might just be the perfect solution. It can go with so much more, and that’s why it’s adored all over the world. 


We have a variety of different designs for you to choose from. Superfresco, Arthouse, and Ted Baker Wallpaper make up the creators that we are able to provide. It’s extremely popular in living rooms, but it could, again, be useful in kitchen and bathroom setups as well as bedrooms. It provides that sense of peacefulness and comfort for any homeowner looking to relax while getting on with their day. It shows your personality without being too out there and in your face. If you’ve ever entered a home with teal on the walls or as a supplement colour, you’ll know that it fills you with a sense of positivity and togetherness.