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If you are looking for a wallpaper that stands out, Borastapeter is the wallpaper for you. With bold and vivid designs that really stand out, Borastapeter wallpaper is ideal for use as a feature wall wallpaper. With several different colour options for many of the designs, you could find the perfect shade to match your home. Sandhamn Stripe and Carl with their perfect lines would look beautiful in an almost nautical inspired bathroom. With bold designs such as Korallang or Melodi, you could accentuate any wall in your home. Save this wallpaper for somewhere special though and make a real feature of it. Use it in the bedroom of a young child with its cartoonlike rabbit and stylized fauna.

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Prints such as Flora and New Dawn Rose could be used as either a feature wall wallpaper or as a living room wallpaper. With a dark and luxurious look to the print, it adds an air of quality to your home. The Original Brick design wallpaper is the perfect choice for use in the kitchen, or again in the living room to create a rustic bare brick look. If you would like something different hanging in your kitchen, why not look at having the popular pottery wallpaper design. The understated tones of Mizo or Ginkgo, would make the perfect wallpaper for hanging in your bathroom. The beautifully illustrated Archipelago would again be the ideal wallpaper for use on a feature wall or even as child’s bedroom wallpaper.