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The best homes are created with a touch of beautifully innovative interior design. At Wallpaper UK, we pride ourselves in following the latest interior trends and provide an elegant range of suede wallpaper to help you create the dream home that you envision. Suede wallpaper designs have come a long way since their first appearance during the 18th century, with contemporary wallpapers now more versatile and striking than ever. Suede effect wallpaper has been distinguished as a salient new concept for interior design and is an immensely popular choice in effortlessly adding a touch of character and depth to your home’s walls. With its smooth appearance and captivating designs making for a more contemporary yet inviting living space, it’s no wonder as to why so many people are choosing suede effect wallpaper as the new interior addition to their homes.
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Hundreds of Colours & Style Options

Whether you’re wishing to create an ambient space to unwind in, or a vibrant area to amaze your guests, our mission at Wallpaper UK is to help you in creating a comfortable, on-trend living space that you can feel most at home in as well as proud of. Discover your home’s missing piece and choose from our superb range of suede wallpapers, with statement colours ranging from blue, purple, red, and yellow, as well as mesmerising textured and animal inspired patterns such as cowhide, crocodile, zebra and cobra prints which will certainly liven up your space. Our suede wallpapers with timeless neutral tones such as beige, grey, and black are a perfect fit for the homeowner who wants to be bold but not too overpowering in their choices.

Our collection of suede wallpaper is highly versatile and delivers a sophisticated setting for any home, making it an effective interior upgrade. Our eye-catching designs are sure to elevate all rooms within the home, whether that’s calming, comforting shades to retreat to in your bathroom or bedroom, or richer colours and upbeat patterns for the more social rooms such as your kitchen and living room.

Luxury Suede Wallpaper Brands

We are confident that you will be able to find your desired wallpaper through the excellent designer brands to choose from, including Carlucci di Chivasso, Thibaut, Elitis, Andrew Martin, Tektura, Osborne and Little. All of these luxury brands offer high-quality and intriguing designs to suit all aesthetic and interior tastes, and ensures to capture and express your home’s personality. Shop our newest collection to stand out from the crowd: create a minimalist feature wall through mild, soothing prints such as Nile Croc by Tektura, or perhaps dedicate a room to a punchy print such as Casablanca by Elitis as a beautiful feature wall wallpaper.

With such a large variety of suede effect wallpaper designs to choose from, we understand that you may wish to have a sample of our products, and we provide exactly that to help you find a personalised fit for your home. Here at Wallpaper UK, we strive to deliver the best quality of service to our customers. Should you acquire any further assistance from our team in choosing your ideal wallpaper to enhance your living space, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.