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Our special range of scandi wallpaper is a unique way to decorate the interior of your home, with beautiful scandinavian patterns and designs. These designs are very geometric in nature, and make for great feature wall wallpapers without detracting from the rooms' overall style. Our range has soothing colours that enhance rather than dominate your room’s style. The geometric designs are pleasing to the eye and come in a range of colours, from subtle pink, grey and yellow triangles to bolder abstract shapes, colours, and designs.
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As well as abstract shapes, we also have textured linen styles from taupe through to gold, which would be the perfect backdrop as a living room wallpaper or Scandi-style bedroom wallpaper. If you’re looking for something with more detail, why not try our Scandi tree wallpaper range, with exquisite colours and an intricate design to complement your home interior.

Scandinavian wallpaper style covers everything from calming geometric shapes to bold prints like Arne by Borastapeter. Choose from bright blues to muted hues to finish your Scandi-style home, or add a Scandi element to complement your existing design. Decorate your whole room in one of our linen designs, or select the perfect statement wall for your geometric patterns.