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Ted Baker wallpaper shows that there’s one brand that knows how to make the most of traditional designs with a thoroughly modern twist. With floral and natural patterns and bold, beautiful colour schemes, there really is no better choice if you’re looking to take something classic and give it an update with some Ted Baker wallpaper, no matter which room you’re decorating. Delivered anywhere in the UK, take a look at our range today!

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The Benga wallpaper takes inspiration from the gardens and woodlands of Britain to bring a touch of natural sophistication to your home. With a bold, modern take on traditional paisley design in a variety of colours, this is the perfect choice to bring some modern class to your living room.

The ethereal quality and beautiful watercolour styling of the Vanilla wallpaper make it the perfect choice as a bedroom wallpaper. The soft and delicate blooms create a feeling of gentle summer days while the blurred focus of the wallpaper helps to not only keep things calm and relaxing but puts a modern spin on a very traditional design. There are few better wallpapers for creating the most soothing and calming atmosphere possible.

Proving that you can use both subtlety and bold design all at once, the Houdini wallpaper is yet another wonderful choice for both as a living room wallpaper or for your bedroom. Taking inspiration from jungle flora with beautiful, subtle depth, this wallpaper creates the suggestion of an exotic environment without being too busy or demanding on the eye.