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Children's Wallpaper

Children's Wallpaper

Now's the time to stimulate and inspire your child with fun, funky or cute wallpaper from our specialist children's wallpaper section. Everyone remembers how it felt to choose their own wallpaper for the first time, to put their own creative stamp on their four walls. Being allowed to add a dash of their own character to their bedroom is a special moment for every child – it’s a chance to express their personality, to liven up their rooms, ready for the next sleepover! Popular searches

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Our hand-picked Children's Wallpapers

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Big Polka
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Why should I get children's wallpaper for my kid?

It's great to give your child some wallpaper that transforms their space into a fun and comforting environment, and one that reflects their personality.

What children's wallpaper designs are most popular amongst kids?

Depending on their likes and interests, nature, space, colourful patterns and references to popular works of fiction are all common choices!

Can I have my kid's wallpaper delivered in the UK?

The clue's in our name - all of our children's wallpaper can be delivered anywhere in the UK!

Best Children's Wallpaper

There are so many options of kid's wallpaper to pick from, so we've narrowed it down to a few of our favourites to help you decide!

💸 Cheapest Paper Kids Football
🏆 Bestselling Paper Leopard Walk
🌙 Space Wallpaper Cosmic Babe
🦄 Unicorn Paper Unicorn Dreamland

Kids Room Wallpaper UK

We know that choosing the right wallpaper can transform your child’s bedroom and how they feel about their space, so we have a fantastic range of childrens wallpaper for them to choose from. Whether they’re fans of Frozen and want a room fit for a princess, keen to show just how football-mad they are, or simply want to brighten up their four walls with some of our beautiful, colourful prints, you know you’ve come to the right place. We can offer you a great selection of kids wallpaper, including vibrant blue wallpaper, pretty pink wallpaper and even film classics embodied in our Disney wallpaper. We really do have something for everyone – from tots right through to teenagers.

Styles of Children’s Wallpaper

There are countless styles of wallpaper for kids, and there’s something for every child - they could be after something intriguing and futuristic, which they can find in our space wallpaper or galaxy wallpaper - alternatively, they may not want anything too ‘in your face’, so our neutral wallpaper may do the trick there (this is also useful as childrens unisex wallpaper). If they really want to make a statement, why not have them explore our feature wall wallpaper and see if anything strikes their fancy there? Whatever you’re after, we only make sure to stock the most prestigious brands such as Cole and Son wallpaper as well as Andrew Martin wallpaper - with names such as these, it’s clear to see why we can provide you with the most interesting and high quality designs of childrens wallpaper.

Affordable, High Quality Childrens Wallpaper UK

Not only are we confident that you’ll find the perfect wallpaper for kid’s rooms that will suit your child to no end, but we can also say that our childrens wallpaper is very high quality, so the amazing designs will also last a very long time without fading. That being said, our products aren’t about to blow your budget - we can provide you with both beautiful and cheap kids wallpaper, with much of it featuring in our range of wallpaper under £10 per roll and wallpaper under £20 per roll! So why wait? Take a look at our wallpaper for kids and find the ideal fit for your child’s room today!