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Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin

Andrew Martin produce a diverse range of wallpaper styles and designs that encompass and represent influences from all over the globe. Their wallpaper designs don’t fit one category or aesthetic, but are instead inspired by adventures and far-flung cultures not everyone can experience first hand. Since 1978, Andrew Martin have used the best interior designers to produce wall coverings that aren’t just nice to look at, but tell a story. They only use the best materials and production techniques to make sure their classic wallpapers meet the highest standards. At Wallpaper Online UK we stock multiple collections made by Andrew Martin.

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Our hand-picked Andrew Martin wallpapers

Andrew Martin Engineer Wallpaper Collection

One of Andrew Martin’s more unique collections of wallpaper is called Engineer, using realistic designs to help people be more inquisitive or change the entire feel of a room. One of the more unusual wallpapers in this collection is the Oxford Chalkboard design, featuring a realistic chalkboard design with design scribbles and quotes throughout. The Lumberjack wallpaper is filled with intricately designed logs that can add warmth to any room and let you escape to a log cabin in the middle of the woods.

History Wallpaper by Andrew Martin

The History collection features a set of contemporary, vintage and retro wallpapers which you can use to add some interest to your rooms. They’re also perfect for feature walls in your house with a range of designs that will really stand out. The Rockerfeller wallpaper features works of modern art, whereas the Pinboard wallpaper has a mix of vintage postcards and other travel designs. We have over 30 designs from Andrew Martin in stock so there really is something for everyone. Every design is available in multiple colour variations and prices start from as little as £47.90 per roll so there are plenty of options to browse through. If you’re not entirely sure which ones are right for you, order some samples and get a discount when you decide which one to order!