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Wood Effect Wallpaper

Wood Effect Wallpaper

Wood effect wallpaper can help to bring a rustic feeling to your home without having to worry about using actual wood. Wood effect is popularly used as living room wallpaper, particularly behind a fireplace or other characteristic features to give a cozy feeling. Wood effect wallpaper is a must for big and small homes alike, whether you're interested in doing up a dining room or using it as a feature wall wallpaper to stand out.

If you've ever spent at least a night in a wood cabin looking at the snow falling outside the window, you know that there's nothing cosier. Well, you can recreate the same magical effect in any home, thanks to our wood effect wallpaper. This type of wall covering can help you create a rustic feeling in any room of your home, without having to care for real wood.

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Whatever you decide, you can be sure you'll be getting the highest quality wallpaper without breaking the bank. We have everything from timber wallpaper to wallcoverings inspired by scrap wood, there really is something for everyone. We stock wallpaper from Andrew Martin, NLXL, Wemyss and many more to make sure we have the perfect wallpaper for you.

If you are looking for the perfect place for wood effect wallpaper, your living room might be the best home for it! Especially if your home features a focal point such as a fireplace or comfy couch, a wood wallpaper can be the best background for it. Alternatively, if you decide to use it as a feature wallpaper, wood-like designs can create a cosy feeling that does not overpower the current feel and look of your home. While wood wallpaper is perfect for a living room, they are just as suitable for the kid’s room or your beach house’s bedroom.