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Tartan Wallpaper

Tartan Wallpaper

Tartan wallpaper features one of the most instantly recognisable patterns. It entails a rich history and although it starts all the way back in the 6th century, it’s no longer limited to just bagpipes and Scottish kilts. With many check and plaid wallpaper designs now on the market, you can bring a piece of history into your house.

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Tartan is an iconic pattern which many people love. Tartan wallpaper is now stealing the spotlight and the interior design world is going mad for it, with it showing up in more places than ever and gaining more recognition. You will see popular colours such as red tartan wallpaper, green tartan wallpaper, and yellow tartan wallpaper crop up around holidays like Christmas, with colours such as green tartan wallpaper, grey tartan wallpaper, pink tartan wallpaper, black tartan wallpaper, and cream tartan wallpaper are becoming more and more popular as a more neutral choice around the entire home.

Tartan has certainly migrated from kilts and clothing to be used in a domestic setting, today’s interior incorporated tartan in an original, thoughtful way. With thousands of colour choices and patterns to choose from with designers such as Osborne & Little, tartan can be a bold and versatile statement for any season. So, why don’t you fall in love with check wallpaper and bring it into your home? We think it’s definitely time you give it a try!

Tartan Wallpaper Colours & Styles

One of the easiest ways you can tap into this trend is by adding it into your interior and what better way to do this than add it onto your walls? Yes, cushions, throws and even a statement chair will give you a little taste but nothing says highland fling than adding tartan wallpaper to your home interior, or perhaps even making it standing out as a feature wall wallpaper.

Pick colours that compliment the current look of your home and add it to any room in your home. From your kitchen, dining room, living room right through to your bathroom or bedroom tartan wallpaper is never out of place. Bright and bold like red tartan wallpaper or even purple tartan wallpaper a great for making a statement, but you may want to consider cream or green tartan wallpaper for your dining room without overpowering your current look.

If you already have this pattern in your home, that’s great! But you can still make this trend work for you even more. Try choosing a different colour or pattern for your look or maybe think about adding tartan effect wallpaper to your bedroom. Make sure you pick colours that complement and work well with each other and incorporate neutrals so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Plaid wallpaper could be exactly what you’re looking for to make your house feel like a home.

Allow your checked wallpaper to call the shots when it comes to design in your home. Team it with key statement pieces and pick key colours to use for a luxury, heritage-rich feature wall. Adding in transitional tartan wallpapers in a range of different tones throughout your home can refresh your environment and create a bold look in the place of boring plain walls. These contemporary wallpaper designs are perfect to bring that modern touch whilst still celebrating the history of these unique designs.

So, why not order some samples of our tartan wallpapertoday and start designing your space with some tartan wallpaper today!