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Bathroom Wallpaper

Bathroom Wallpaper

Not many people think of having bathroom wallpaper to decorate their walls; most people opt for tiles or interior paint, but not many people know that some wallpaper is suitable for bathrooms. Most styles that are suitable wallpapers for bathrooms are vinyl wallpapers, as they tend to have a higher moisture resistance to help survive splashes from a shower or bath. Our bathroom wallpapers come in a variety of styles, designs and textures to make sure you can find the right wallcovering for your home.

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Our hand-picked Bathroom Wallpapers

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Why should I get some bathroom wallpaper?

The bathroom can often be overlooked, but there's no reason to settle for a bland design - stylish bathroom wallpaper can transform your bathroom instantly!

What are the most popular bathroom wallpaper designs?

There are many different styles that will appeal to different people, but floral wallpaper, geometric wallpaper and jungle wallpaper are all popular picks!

Can I have my bathroom wallpaper delivered in the UK?

Of course! We want to reach as many people as possible and provide our bathroom wallpaper all over the country, so we deliver all over the UK.

Best Bathroom Wallpaper

If you're struggling to find the right bathroom wallpaper for you in our selection, don't worry - we've gone through and picked out some of our favourites, each chosen for a different preference!

💸 Cheapest Paper Amara Linen
🏆 Bestselling Paper Apple Blossom
🔶 Geometric Paper Vittorio Geo
🦒 Animal Paper Jungle Animals

Wallpaper for Bathrooms UK

We’re delighted to be able to offer you some of the best wallpaper on the market, and our selection of bathroom wallpaper is no exception! We stock a vast range of styles and colours for your bathroom that will add character to your home that other types of wall coverings simply can’t provide; simply take a look at our eye-catching blue wallpaper or gold wallpaper, or our subtle and sleek white wallpaper or black wallpaper, and see for yourself! Stocking only the highest quality brands fit for your bathroom, it’s no wonder we think we’re a great choice when you’re considering buying some of your own wallpaper for a bathroom.

Cheap, Great Quality Wallpaper for Bathrooms

Our bathroom wallpapers come from the best brands in the world, including Tektura wallpaper, Osborne and Little wallpaper and BN Wallcoverings. We make sure every product we stock is of the highest quality so that you'll be happy with your selection! However, this doesn’t come at a premium price - we’re dedicated to providing you with the best bathroom wallpaper without you having to break the bank, which is why many of our products are also featured in our under £10 per roll, under £20 per roll and under £50 per roll wallpaper options. We’ll also make sure you have a great experience when buying with us, as we’re able to provide you with samples of wallpaper (so you can try before you buy) and our live chat means we can efficiently deal with any query you may have!

Styles of Our Bathroom Wallpaper

When looking for something different to decorate your bathroom, you may have a certain style in mind, and we can help you find the perfect thing you were thinking of! If some funky bathroom wallpaper was on the cards, then our selection of contemporary wallpaper will most likely be up your street; on the flip side, if some classy bathroom wallpaper would suit you better then some classic wallpaper may be a better option. There’s so much more wallpaper suitable for bathrooms than you may think, so take a look and find the ideal aesthetic addition for your home!