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NLXL Wallpaper

NLXL Wallpaper

If rustic charm or distressed boho chic are styles that you gravitate towards, then NLXL wallpaper is the perfect choice for your home. With a wide range of distressed-look wallpapers giving off the air of reclaimed wood or tin tiles, there is something for every room in your home giving every room a very distinctive edge. NLXL wallpaper produces a range of different scrapwood prints. Some prints such as Scrapwood 03 feel almost haphazard and really bring out the distressed look to your home, while other Scrapwood prints will provide a more uniform finish. All of the Scrapwood prints from NLXL wallpaper look and feel perfectly lifelike. These prints are ideal for use as a feature wall wallpaper in your living room or hung in your kitchen.

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For your bathroom and kitchen areas, you may want to look at the rustic tile designs that NLXL produces. Brooklyn Tins 01 is ideal in either a bathroom or a kitchen. You may also want to use either of these prints elsewhere around the home. All three are very versatile designs and could be used in the bedroom, an office, or in your living room. The much darker Brooklyn Tins 07 would look good in a study or as a feature wall in a living room. For a more subtle look, you may want to choose the Concrete wallpapers from NLXL. While again these can be used in almost any room of the house, they may be best situated in the bathroom or kitchen.