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Natural Grasscloth By Altfield

£300.00 (Per Roll)
Teak Swatch natural-grasscloth-teak
Silver Lining Swatch natural-grasscloth-silver lining
Gossip Swatch natural-grasscloth-gossip
Clippings Swatch natural-grasscloth-clippings
Harbour Island Swatch natural-grasscloth-harbour island
Narwhal Swatch natural-grasscloth-narwhal
Open Water Swatch natural-grasscloth-open water
Lawnmower Swatch natural-grasscloth-lawnmower
Firecracker Swatch natural-grasscloth-firecracker
Sloe Swatch natural-grasscloth-sloe
Petrichor Swatch natural-grasscloth-petrichor
Bermuda Triangle Swatch natural-grasscloth-bermuda triangle
Platoon Swatch natural-grasscloth-platoon
Bloody Mary Swatch natural-grasscloth-bloody mary
Wild Card Swatch natural-grasscloth-wild card
Iron Swatch natural-grasscloth-iron
Indigo Swatch natural-grasscloth-indigo
Caspian Swatch natural-grasscloth-caspian
French Blue Swatch natural-grasscloth-french blue
Haze Swatch natural-grasscloth-haze
Frost Swatch natural-grasscloth-frost
Mediterranean Swatch natural-grasscloth-mediterranean
Jade Swatch natural-grasscloth-jade
Sage Swatch natural-grasscloth-sage
Fine Dark Celadon Swatch natural-grasscloth-fine dark celadon
Lichen Swatch natural-grasscloth-lichen
Celery Swatch natural-grasscloth-celery
Taupe Swatch natural-grasscloth-taupe
Creme Swatch natural-grasscloth-creme
Ice Swatch natural-grasscloth-ice
Vanilla Bean Swatch natural-grasscloth-vanilla bean
Sugar Cane Swatch natural-grasscloth-sugar cane
Sand Swatch natural-grasscloth-sand
Feather Swatch natural-grasscloth-feather
Cinnabar Swatch natural-grasscloth-cinnabar

This collection of Grasscloth wallpapers has been made in Asia by hand using techniques perfected over generations. As with all natural materials there will be variations in shading, colouration, slubbing and texture through each roll, these characteristics are inherent in natural materials and are part of the appeal of these sophisticated wall coverings. Natural Grasscloth can create either a classic or contemporary finish depending on the texture chosen. Creates a panelled effect of natural horizontal weaves. … read more.

£300.00 (Per Roll)

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Pattern available in the following colourways: natural-grasscloth-teak, natural-grasscloth-silver lining, natural-grasscloth-gossip, natural-grasscloth-clippings, natural-grasscloth-harbour island, natural-grasscloth-narwhal, natural-grasscloth-open water, natural-grasscloth-lawnmower, natural-grasscloth-firecracker, natural-grasscloth-sloe, natural-grasscloth-petrichor, natural-grasscloth-bermuda triangle, natural-grasscloth-platoon, natural-grasscloth-bloody mary, natural-grasscloth-wild card, natural-grasscloth-iron, natural-grasscloth-indigo, natural-grasscloth-caspian, natural-grasscloth-french blue, natural-grasscloth-haze, natural-grasscloth-frost, natural-grasscloth-mediterranean, natural-grasscloth-jade, natural-grasscloth-sage, natural-grasscloth-fine dark celadon, natural-grasscloth-lichen, natural-grasscloth-celery, natural-grasscloth-taupe, natural-grasscloth-creme, natural-grasscloth-ice, natural-grasscloth-vanilla bean, natural-grasscloth-sugar cane, natural-grasscloth-sand, natural-grasscloth-feather, natural-grasscloth-cinnabar
Design Styles Over £50 Per Roll
Colour Beige, Ivory, Charcoal, Grey, Coffee, Cream, Red, Taupe, Brown, Yellow/Ochre/Mustard, Pearl, Pewter, Oatmeal, Blue, Green
Manufacturer Altfield
Cost Per Per Roll
Sample Request Yes
Wallpaper Collection Grasscloth Collection
Wallpaper Length 11 metres
Wallpaper Width 91 cm
Pattern Repeat Random match
Availability 2-3 Working Days

Product Details

Key Features
Wide width wall covering. Available in 27 colour ways: Dark Celadon, Coffee, Ice, Celadon, Charcoal, Silver/Grey, Raspberry, Grass on Green, Bamboo on cream, Textured wheat, Textured coffee, Textured mushroom, Textured Grey-Beige, Grey/Beige, Fine Dark Celadon, Silver/Blue, Lacquered Rust, Textured Dark Grey, Textured Dark Beige, Fine Dark Grey, Pearl, Silver, Lichen, French Blue, Frost/Blue, Jade/Green, Taupe.

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