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Her Majesty By Elitis

£200.00 (Per Roll)
IEAB-VP750-01 Swatch VP750-01
IEAB-VP750-02 Swatch VP750-02
IEAB-VP750-03 Swatch VP750-03
IEAB-VP750-04 Swatch VP750-04
IEAB-VP750-05 Swatch VP750-05
IEAB-VP750-06 Swatch VP750-06
IEAB-VP750-07 Swatch VP750-07
IEAB-VP750-08 Swatch VP750-08
IEAB-VP750-10 Swatch VP750-10
IEAB-VP750-11 Swatch VP750-11
IEAB-VP750-12 Swatch VP750-12
IEAB-VP750-15 Swatch VP750-15
IEAB-VP750-17 Swatch VP750-17
IEAB-VP750-18 Swatch VP750-18
IEAB-VP750-23 Swatch VP750-23
IEAB-VP750-25 Swatch VP750-25
IEAB-VP750-26 Swatch VP750-26
IEAB-VP750-27 Swatch VP750-27
IEAB-VP750-31 Swatch VP750-31
IEAB-VP750-09 Swatch VP750-09
IEAB-VP750-14 Swatch VP750-14
IEAB-VP750-16 Swatch VP750-16
IEAB-VP750-19 Swatch VP750-19
IEAB-VP750-20 Swatch VP750-20
IEAB-VP750-21 Swatch VP750-21
IEAB-VP750-29 Swatch VP750-29
IEAB-VP750-30 Swatch VP750-30

Her Majesty is an amazing faux silk wallpaper in a range of vibrant, jewel-like colours. Vinyl wall covering. … read more.

£200.00 (Per Roll)

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Pattern available in the following colourways: VP750-01, VP750-02, VP750-03, VP750-04, VP750-05, VP750-06, VP750-07, VP750-08, VP750-09, VP750-10, VP750-11, VP750-12, VP750-14, VP750-15, VP750-16, VP750-17, VP750-18, VP750-19, VP750-20, VP750-21, VP750-23, VP750-25, VP750-26, VP750-27, VP750-29, VP750-30, VP750-31
Design Styles Metallic Wallpaper Classic Wallpaper Silk Wallpaper Boutique Wallpaper Contemporary Plain Wallpaper Wide Width Elitis Vinyl Wallpapers Natural Wallpaper Green Wallpaper Purple Wallpaper Gold Wallpaper Lilac Wallpaper Taupe Wallpaper Black/Charcoal Blue Wallpaper Pink Wallpaper Red Wallpaper Yellow Wallpaper Brown Wallpaper Silver Wallpaper Bronze Wallpaper Orange Wallpaper White Wallpaper
Colour Beige, Lilac, Silver, Charcoal, Duck Egg, Fuchsia/Magenta, Gold, White, Coffee, Cream, Red, Gilver, Turquoise, Yellow/Ochre/Mustard, Bronze, Pearl, Dark Blue, Mauve, Orange, Purple, Lime Green/Citrus, Pink, Terracotta
Manufacturer Elitis
Cost Per Per Roll
Sample Request Yes
Wallpaper Collection Kandy
Wallpaper Length 10 metres
Wallpaper Width 100 cm. Reverse Hang.
Pattern Repeat Free Match
Wallpaper Care Wipeable
Wallpaper Adhesive Use a ready mixed tub adhesive
Availability 5-7 Working Days

Product Details

Key Features
Wide width wall covering, at one metre wide, this equates to a double width wallpaper. Paste the wall wallpaper. Available in 27 colour ways: White, Pearl, Cream, Silver, Gilver, Soft Gold, Beige, Coffee, Bronze, Charcoal, Damson, Purple, Brass, Chartreuse, Terracotta, Orange, Red, Gold, Indigo, Mauve, Duck Egg, Lime, Turquoise, Azure, Fuchsia, Pinky Beige & Lilac

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