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Damask Wallpaper

Damask Wallpaper

Our damask wallpaper collection features a myriad of styles, from the classic damask wallpaper designs that we all know and love, to contemporary approaches to traditional damask wallpaper designs. Damask wallpapers can be an excellent approach to adding a relatively busy pattern to a room, while retaining an abstract feel - where floral designs feel too structured, damask designs may be ideal.

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Damask designs are timeless and exude an immediate sense of elegance, with more than a touch of grandeur. With clever use of a combination of colour and scale, the right damask wallpaper can instantly complete the style of your home. Choose from flock, bead and metallic damask wallpapers to accentuate the details and add extra interest.

When deciding on a colour, remember that dark colours can help to develop an atmosphere of intimacy, while paler colours, with whites and pastels in particular, can truly open a space up and make it feel larger. Though darker shades will exaggerate the grandiloquence of the space you are decorating, they are not well suited to either spaces that are genuinely quite small or rooms that should feel spacious. Opting for whites or pastels can help rooms to not only feel larger, but also more modern.