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Yellow Wallpaper

Yellow Wallpaper

Yellow wallpaper is one of the most underrated colours people think of when it comes to buying a new wallcovering. Many people think yellow might be too bold or quirky, but we think it’s perfect for that very reason! Yellow can help bring a warmer feel to a room, perfect for summertime or any room with a lot of windows or a skylight - a lot of natural light can actually accentuate the warmer colour tones and make a room feel instantly more inviting. With a range of different styles and patterns, there’s lots to browse and choose from. If you’re worried a bright yellow might be too much, we’ve got options for you. We also stock a range of darker and more muted yellows, which can be the perfect compromise between a summery feel and being too quirky (even though we don’t think there’s any such thing!) Popular searches

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Our hand-picked Yellow Wallpapers

Yellow is a colour that absolutely radiates warmth and positivity. If you’re thinking about adding this to your home, then you’ll be making a good choice as it brings smiles to faces whenever people enter. These kinds of warm colours do so much to our minds – even when we’re in a negative mood or feeling a little icy, they can bring about a warm sensation. The designs we have here come in all kinds of different styles for you to browse through. Dozens and dozens of different looks are on show, so you’ll get to look through so many different options. For instance, we have a simple linen texture for those looking for a basic style. We also have a Van Gogh Almond blossom for those who want more of a floral design. A Hicks hexagon is also available for those who want a different look in their rooms. Polka dots, waves, and crocodile designs are also there for you to enjoy.    The yellow wallpaper is perfect for a living room that wants to show a little personality and character. As mentioned before, it can light up a room and make any place look a lot more positive than it was before. We’ll be able to provide designs by Elitis, Arthouse, Fresco, Nina Campbell, and so many more, so you know you can be greeted by plenty of variety.