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Grey Wallpaper

Grey Wallpaper

With endless bright colours available, grey wallpaper is often overlooked when it comes to choosing new wallpaper for your home. With traditional retro wallpaper options to Contemporary Wallcoverings in varying degrees of grey, there’s something for everyone when it comes to grey wallpaper. We also have a range of Textured Wallpaper which can help to bring some depth and a luxurious feel to your home. People tend to use some of our more intricate designs as Feature Wall Wallpapers to make an instant impression on guests. We only stock our wallpaper from the highest quality brands including Tektura and Clarke & Clarke, so you don’t need to worry about receiving damaged or low-quality products when you order online! Popular searches

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Mamboa by Muriva
Mamboa by Muriva
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Grey is one of the most overlooked colours for wallpapers, considering the endless range of bright colours available to choose from. But grey wallpapers boast practical benefits, such as acting like a protective layer against everyday wear and tear on your walls. That means sprucing your interior walls with grey wallpaper adds longevity and durability. We have the best grey wallpaper UK collection you can find anywhere, available in different tones, shades, patterns, designs, and textures. You’ll find light grey wallpaper, dark grey wallpaper, patterned options, contemporary coverings, and much more. Grey wallpapers also allow you to take full advantage of natural light to create a well-lit interior space. When combined with different or darker tones, you can easily create an elegant and sophisticated interior ambience. Grey colour also exudes calmness and a sense of order, giving a room a touch of mildness or gentleness that every loving home should have. 


While you can safely use grey for nearly every room in your home, it appears to offer a bit more versatility in a bedroom. But if you have any other room that receives a lot of natural light, you can use grey wallpaper to deceive the eye into seeing your space as airy, light, and soft. We know grey wallpapers aren’t the most common; that’s why we have taken the time to source from the best wallpaper brands available. You’ll find the best collection of grey wallpaper online, from brands like Arthouse, Fresco, Superfresco Easy, Kids at Home, Cole & Son Wallpaper, Harlequin, Matthew Williamson, Nina Campbell, Elitis, Tektura, Mr Perswall, Ted Baker, Galerie, Clarke & Clarke, and many more.