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Burgundy Wallpaper

Burgundy Wallpaper

Our burgundy wallpaper designs are so luxurious in colour; you won't want to give them a miss! Burgundy classes as a deep red colour which offers sophistication so if you take pride in your home's appearance and love a bit of luxury - this could be the colour for you.

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Burgundy is undoubtedly the colour for you if you prefer a more subtle and sophisticated variant of red. Fortunately, Wallpaper Online has some of the best burgundy wallpaper options in the UK, which you can purchase to spruce up your interior space. You can buy a burgundy wallpaper from us in many shades and tones to complement any interior design theme. Our dark burgundy wallpaper options include wallpapers with shades of charcoal, beige, purple, grey, bronze, and orange. Oatmeal, pewter, magenta, and maroon wallpaper options are also worth considering if you like dark shades. On the other hand, you can choose your wallpaper burgundy in tones of white, gold, cream, green, and blue if you are a fan of lighter alternatives. Burgundy is a luxurious colour, so its presence can make your space appear a lot more sophisticated. Furthermore, it is a warm colour that can make your room feel more cosy, romantic, and inviting.


Your living room is undoubtedly the first space to consider using your burgundy wallpaper. According to experts, crimson red is too intense and draining for a living room. Therefore, your burgundy wallpaper is ideal for your living room space if you love red without the crimson intensity. Additionally, the luxurious touch of burgundy also makes it ideal for living room spaces. Also, you can use burgundy wallpapers to decorate the walls in your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen, making these areas appear more sophisticated. Our website features quality burgundy wallpapers from renowned brands such as Osborn and Little, Elitis, Altfield, and Ted Baker

Our burgundy designs available feature patterned wallpaper, victorian wallpaper and many more!

Well-known brands such as Osborne & Little and Elitis have some luxury burgundy designs available on our website that you can trust your purchase with. These brands have high-quality papers that you can be sure will stand the test of time.