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Brown Wallpaper

Brown Wallpaper

Brown wallpaper is understated and often dismissed as being too neutral, boring and not very attractive to put up on your walls. Our large and varied range of unique patterns, luxurious textured and variety of contemporary wallpaper and traditional designs couldn’t prove this more wrong. There’s nothing boring about some of our most popular wood effect wallpapers which can bring nature right into your living room, or our geometric papers that bring something a little bit different without standing out too much! Popular searches

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If you are searching for a brown wallpaper online, you can undoubtedly find many options in our collection that will interest you. We offer brown wallpapers with a shade of black in them. It is no secret that you can hardly go wrong mixing black and brown since these two colours complement each other to produce a luxurious effect. Similarly, you can opt for gold brown to combine two bright and charming shades that can make your room look charming and lively. Copper, sand, oatmeal, lilac, tan, burgundy, and jade are other great shades of brown to consider. On the other hand, you can select your brown wallpaper UK options in a white, grey, cream, or taupe colour if you prefer it in a lighter tone. Brown wallpaper is a great choice to consider because it brings a natural element into your space and adds a touch of sophistication by exuding warmth and appearing classy. 


You can consider our brown wallpapers for your stairs to impress guests and ensure a smooth transition between the floors in your home. Your living room space could also benefit from the touch of elegance of a brown wallpaper, if used as a feature wall. You can even use your brown wallpaper to decorate the entire living room for a bold and contemporary look. Our brown wallpapers' immense depth also produce a sense of calm that makes them excellent choices for your bedroom walls. Elitis, Osborn and Little, BN Wallcoverings, Cole & Son, and  Arthouse are some of the leading brands whose brown wallpapers we sell.