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Black Wallpaper
Black & White Wallpaper

Black & White Wallpaper

You can't get better than a classic black and white wallpaper. They are the two most contrasting colours that also compliment each other wonderfully, making them the perfect combination to have on your walls. Whether you're aspiring to implement a monochrome interior design scheme in your home, or would like to add a splash of black and white to your chosen feature wall in the lounge area. Wallpaper UK provides a collection of luxury and contemporary black and white wallpaper designs to choose for your abode.

The colour black is a real statement and gives the impression of luxury and importance in a home. So if you want to catch anyone's eye and make a bold statement, black is the colour for you! On the other hand, the colour white brings purity into the mix, which signifies simplicity and cleanliness - a real contrast!

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These designs would make a brilliant feature wall wallpaper in your home, or all over the walls as a living room wallpaper or even a bedroom wallpaper! The black and white Fine Stripe wallpaper below, for example, is incredibly subtle, yet detailed. It would serve beautifully as a children's wallpaper or for an office, as it projects a soothing and fresh image.

When you choose your wallpaper from us, you can decide to either go with a design that features more black or features more white - depending on which impression you would like to give in your home based on the two contrasting colours. For a selection of black and white wallpaper which will suit different rooms in your home, there are plenty of options that shall make the perfect statement, or accentuate your rooms' existing design.

Beautiful black and white wallpaper designs are available from well-known brands such as Clarke & Clarke, Matthew Williamson and Cole & Son Wallpaper. Therefore, you know that you can trust in your purchase with us and feel reassured that your paper will be of the highest quality and durable enough to last you a lifetime.