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Christian Lacroix wallpaper embodies artistry at its finest. This collection, designed by the French designer of the same name, blends daring colour combinations with disruptive patterns to bring new life to your interiors. Christian Lacroix unveiled his first Haute Couture collection in the Autumn of 1987. Since then, he has taken his inimitable art style and applied it to the home, creating beautiful interiors that speak to every mood. These wallpapers are a reflection of the designer's desire to capture a look for every season and every room.

Christian Lacroix stepped down as Artistic Director in 2009, leaving the task of designing a new range of homewares to Sacha Walchhoff. Her creations take the viewer on a journey into the unexpected, disrupting what you thought was possible to achieve with wallpaper.

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Christian Lacroix wallpaper tends to focus on asymmetrical patterns and lines. Each product is deliberately high-impact, designed to take a standard room and transform it into something spectacular overnight. The brand's Butterfly Parade is a beautiful addition to your study or library. Bountiful butterflies with multi-coloured wings dance across your walls, adding instant life to your spaces.

Azyulejos takes you back to the Chinaware designs of the mid-19th century. It's perfect as a relaxed living room wallpaper or for a study, giving it an almost regal feel. There are no rules here: just an appreciation of style in its raw form. Christian Lacroix's Pearls is probably perhaps the most visually stunning in the collection - and the perfect addition to any luxe bedroom. Pulsing patterns of large and small golden circles are a delight for the senses.