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Brick Wallpaper

Brick Wallpaper

Brick wallpaper is a contemporary wallpaper option that's become more and more popular in recent years. Created to imitate a brick wall, these wallcoverings can help to bring a rustic feel to your home. Brick wallpaper is particularly nice if you have an open fireplace or a house full of character, as this pattern really goes well with older homes and newer homes alike. Nothing gives a house a modern, alternative look than brick wallpaper. These are contemporary options that imitate the brick walls that have made rustic country houses always so welcoming. You don’t need to buy an old property to enjoy the beauty and feel of brick walls! Popular searches

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Some of our most popular brick wallpapers are made by BN Wallcoverings, available in multiple colourways from realistic to white, charcoal and other options - whatever you're looking for, we can deliver! With fast delivery anywhere in the UK, you can be sure your wallpaper will arrive in perfect condition.

These wallpapers come in many colours, prices, and looks, perfect to fit the needs of any homeowner. If you are redecorating on a tight budget, our brick wallpapers will help you bring a touch of personality to your home’s walls. White brick wallpaper is ideal for brightening up a room and creates the best background for bolder furniture items.

Since there are many colours and tones available, you can pick a brick wallpaper for any room. Darker and bolder papers such as our grey brick wallpapers are best fitted in rooms where you need to create a focal point. Oppositely, softer tones can help you breathe new life into smaller places, without having to change the interior of the whole space. Without being overpowering, this wallpaper compliments the look of your rooms, while adding a touch of personality. If you opt for washable models, you can also create a rustic feel in your kitchen.