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Nacres By Elitis

£299.00 (Per Roll)
IEAB-VP640-01 Swatch VP640-01
IEAB-VP640-02 Swatch VP640-02
IEAB-VP640-04 Swatch VP640-04
IEAB-VP640-05 Swatch VP640-05
IEAB-VP640-06 Swatch VP640-06
IEAB-VP640-07 Swatch VP640-07
IEAB-VP640-09 Swatch VP640-09
IEAB-VP640-10 Swatch VP640-10
IEAB-VP640-11 Swatch VP640-11
IEAB-VP640-13 Swatch VP640-13
IEAB-VP640-14 Swatch VP640-14
IEAB-VP640-16 Swatch VP640-16
IEAB-VP640-17 Swatch VP640-17
IEAB-VP640-20 Swatch VP640-20
IEAB-VP640-21 Swatch VP640-21
IEAB-VP640-22 Swatch VP640-22
IEAB-VP640-23 Swatch VP640-23
IEAB-VP640-24 Swatch VP640-24
IEAB-VP640-25 Swatch VP640-25
IEAB-VP640-26 Swatch VP640-26
IEAB-VP640-27 Swatch VP640-27
IEAB-VP640-28 Swatch VP640-28
IEAB-VP640-29 Swatch VP640-29
IEAB-VP640-30 Swatch VP640-30
IEAB-VP640-31 Swatch VP640-31
IEAB-VP640-32 Swatch VP640-32

Nacres is a clever, heavily textured vinyl wallpaper with the appearance of tiny mosaic pearly glass tiles. Extra wide wallcovering that is very resistant to stains. … read more.

£299.00 (Per Roll)

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Pattern available in the following colourways: VP640-01, VP640-02, VP640-04, VP640-05, VP640-06, VP640-07, VP640-09, VP640-10, VP640-11, VP640-13, VP640-14, VP640-16, VP640-17, VP640-20, VP640-21, VP640-22, VP640-23, VP640-24, VP640-25, VP640-26, VP640-27, VP640-28, VP640-29, VP640-30, VP640-31, VP640-32
Design Styles Elitis Wallpaper
Colour Black, Beige, Ivory, Lilac, Silver, Duck Egg, Fuchsia/Magenta, Gold, Red, Gilver, Brown, Turquoise, Yellow/Ochre/Mustard, Bronze, Pearl, Mauve, Pewter, Orange, Purple, Lime Green/Citrus, Pink, Terracotta
Manufacturer Elitis
Cost Per Per Roll
Sample Request Yes
Wallpaper Collection Nacres & Parade
Wallpaper Length 10 metres
Wallpaper Width 100 cm
Pattern Repeat Free Match
Wallpaper Care Wipeable
Wallpaper Adhesive Use a ready mixed tub adhesive
Availability 5-7 Working Days

Product Details

Key Features
Paste the wall. Wide width wallcovering. Available in 26 colour ways: Ivory, Pale Silver, Platinum, Pewter, Bright Gold, Pale Gold, Purple, Black, Brown, Mauve, Lilac/Silver, Terracotta, Red, Pearly Gold, Warm Pearl, Gilver, Pinky Beige, Bronze, Duck Egg, Burnt Orange, Pale Pink, Gold, Turquoise, Fuchsia, Lime & Chartreuse.

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