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Mix Metallic by Engblad & Co.

£49.20 (Per Roll)
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4895 Swatch E-4895
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4894 Swatch E-4894
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4893 Swatch E-4893
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4892 Swatch E-4892
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4891 Swatch E-4891
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4889 Swatch E-4889
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4888 Swatch E-4888
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4887 Swatch E-4887
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4886 Swatch E-4886
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4885 Swatch E-4885
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4884 Swatch E-4884
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4883 Swatch E-4883
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4882 Swatch E-4882
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4881 Swatch E-4881
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4880 Swatch E-4880
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4879 Swatch E-4879
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4878 Swatch E-4878
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4877 Swatch E-4877
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4876 Swatch E-4876
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4875 Swatch E-4875
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4874 Swatch E-4874
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4873 Swatch E-4873
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4872 Swatch E-4872
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4871 Swatch E-4871
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4870 Swatch E-4870
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4869 Swatch E-4869
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4868 Swatch E-4868
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4867 Swatch E-4867
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4866 Swatch E-4866
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4865 Swatch E-4865
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4864 Swatch E-4864
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4863 Swatch E-4863
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4862 Swatch E-4862
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4861 Swatch E-4861
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4860 Swatch E-4860
Mix Metallic-IEC-E-4890 Swatch E-4890

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£49.20 (Per Roll)

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Pattern available in the following colourways: E-4895, E-4894, E-4893, E-4892, E-4891, E-4890, E-4889, E-4888, E-4887, E-4886, E-4885, E-4884, E-4883, E-4882, E-4881, E-4880, E-4879, E-4878, E-4877, E-4876, E-4875, E-4874, E-4873, E-4872, E-4871, E-4870, E-4869, E-4868, E-4867, E-4866, E-4865, E-4864, E-4863, E-4862, E-4861, E-4860
Design Styles Engblad & Co Wallpaper Mix Metallic Ii Collection
Colour White, Stone Grey, Silver Grey, Pearl Grey, Warm White, Royal Gold, Royal Black, Royal Silver, Silk Ocean, Silk Green, Silk Grey, Silk Brown, Silk Gold, Silk Creme, Silk White, Rose Gold, True Gold, Golden Green, Dusty Olive, Khaki Green, Minty Blue, Deep Thunder, Midtone Blue, Soft Blue, Dusty Lilac, Rusty Red, Blush Pink, Light Blush, Verdi Grey, Smokey Grey, Concrete Grey, Sand Beige, Off White, Linen Grey, Champagne, Pure White
Manufacturer Engblad & Co.
Cost Per Per Roll
Sample Request Yes
Wallpaper Collection Mix Metallic II
Wallpaper Length 10.05 m
Wallpaper Width 0.53 m
Pattern Repeat 0.53 m
Wallpaper Care Spongeable
Wallpaper Adhesive Cole & Son Ready Mixed tub Adhesive
Availability 10 Working Days

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