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Linen Plain by Borastapeter

£30.60£36.00 (Per Roll)
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4436 Swatch B-4436
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4433 Swatch B-4433
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4432 Swatch B-4432
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4431 Swatch B-4431
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4430 Swatch B-4430
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4428 Swatch B-4428
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4425 Swatch B-4425
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4427 Swatch B-4427
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4426 Swatch B-4426
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4422 Swatch B-4422
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4418 Swatch B-4418
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4412 Swatch B-4412
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4408 Swatch B-4408
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4407 Swatch B-4407
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4406 Swatch B-4406
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4405 Swatch B-4405
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4404 Swatch B-4404
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4429 Swatch B-4429
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4419 Swatch B-4419
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4420 Swatch B-4420
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4434 Swatch B-4434
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4423 Swatch B-4423
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4435 Swatch B-4435
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4424 Swatch B-4424
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4421 Swatch B-4421
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4417 Swatch B-4417
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4416 Swatch B-4416
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4415 Swatch B-4415
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4414 Swatch B-4414
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4411 Swatch B-4411
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4410 Swatch B-4410
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4403 Swatch B-4403
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4409 Swatch B-4409
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4402 Swatch B-4402
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4401 Swatch B-4401
Linen Plain-IEC-B-4413 Swatch B-4413

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£30.60 (Per Roll)

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Pattern available in the following colourways: B-4436, B-4433, B-4432, B-4431, B-4430, B-4428, B-4425, B-4427, B-4426, B-4422, B-4418, B-4412, B-4408, B-4407, B-4406, B-4405, B-4404, B-4429, B-4419, B-4420, B-4434, B-4423, B-4435, B-4424, B-4421, B-4417, B-4416, B-4415, B-4414, B-4411, B-4410, B-4403, B-4409, B-4402, B-4401, B-4413
Design Styles Boråstapeter Wallpaper Linen II Collection
Colour Cream, Jade, Sand, Dark Plum, Rose Blush, Linen Peach, Night Blue, Blueberry Ink, Soft Indigo, Deep Forest, Topaz Blue, Dark Jade, Foliage Green, Aged Black, White Linen, Calm White, Golden Linen, Pure Linen, Linen Beige, Dark Linen, Silver Cloud, Sage Green, Lavender Blush, Leaf Green, Mulberry Fiber, Shadow Blue, Forest Green, Ash Grey, Dove, Swedish Grey, Airy Grey, Taupe Brown, Soaped Oak, Flax Fiber, Soft Linen, Birch White
Manufacturer Boråstapeter
Cost Per Per Roll
Sample Request Yes
Wallpaper Collection Linen II
Wallpaper Length 10.05 m
Wallpaper Width 0.53 m
Pattern Repeat 0.53 m
Wallpaper Care Spongeable
Wallpaper Adhesive Cole & Son Ready Mixed tub Adhesive
Availability 10 Working Days

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