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How To Hang Wallpaper

You might be wondering how to hang wallpaper. After all, wallpaper will transform any living space, offering a less messy and difficult job than paint, but fantastic results. Of course, experts will know how to apply wallpaper successfully, but knowing how to do wallpaper yourself is another matter.

In this guide, we’ll look at how to put up wallpaper.

Tools You Will Need

Preparation is the key. It all starts with having the right tools, so check the list of things you need:

Process: Step by step guide

Step 1: Measure, cut and check

Measure the height of the wall, adding 100mm to it. Then roll out your wallpaper onto your paste table. Be careful; you don’t want the design to be upside down!

Decide where you want your design to start at the top. Then cut 50mm above that. Using the measurements you gained, mark the drop length, and cut across the back. Repeat for all your pieces.

Before you start pasting, check they are the right length.

Step 2: Paste

Place your drop pieces face down on the table in order of cutting.

Start pasting in the middle of the paper, before moving out to the sides. It should be completely covered. When it is, concertina fold it inwards to allow the paste to soak for as long as possible.

Step 3: Hang

The best place to start is behind the door. Mark with a pencil (25mm less than your wallpaper width) from the corner of the wall and use a spirit level to ensure this line is straight. This is your guide. Line up your pasted drop and brush in towards the corner, working to the middle and finally the edge.

Get Yourself Tooled Up

Don't attempt to hang your wallpaper without the correct equipment. Trust us, it'll make the job far harder, and the finish will be far worse. Our honest advice when hanging wallpaper is to leave it to the professionals. But if you insist, you can view our range of tools and paste to help you get the best possible finish.

Good luck! ♥

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