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Feature Wall Wallpaper

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A feature wall using a bold, stylish wallpaper design is one of the easiest ways of creating instant impact in a room. We offer a range of high quality feature wall wallpapers to help you create the perfect statement piece in any room of your home.

From holographic to flock, metallic to digital, you will be sure to find the perfect feature wall wallpaper, whether your home is traditional or modern, farmhouse or industrial.

If you are having a complete overhaul, feature walls can be a great way of introducing a focal point into a living space, or can be an inexpensive and quick way of giving your old decor an instant facelift.

Dark, rich wallpaper on a feature wall can give a room an intimate, decadent feel, which is ideal for a bedroom or dining room. Conversely, lighter, airier designs can be used to increase the feeling of space and create a calming atmosphere, for instance in a living room or study.

Whatever your requirements, we have an extensive range of wallpapers to suit any situation. The right design on the right wall will have your home turning heads for years to come.