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Feature Wall Wallpaper

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  1. IEC-Palm Leaves-66-2012.1

    Palm Leaves By Cole and Son

    This classic Cole & Son wallpaper pattern features a stunning large palm leaf print on plain grounds. Palm Leaves is a strong feature wall wallpaper, featuring a large scale palm leaf design. Presented in eight colourways including green on blue, ivory, yellow or luxurious gold on black. Learn More
  2. IEC-Cow Parsley

    Cow Parsley By Cole and Son

    A large scale cow parsley wallpaper design. The pattern is created in a hand-drawn etched fashion resulting in a delicate flower. Learn More
  3. IEC-Woods-&-Pears-95-5028

    Woods And Pears By Cole and Son

    The award winning Woods wallpaper design has borne fruit in the Woods and Pears wallpaper - golden pears in shimmering metallic hues have been printed on shades of twilight grey, cloudy white and midnight black. Learn More
  4. IEC-Palm Jungle

    Palm Jungle Restyled By Cole and Son

    The iconic, original Palm Leaves wallpaper print has been multi layered to create a dense jungle of foliage in Palm Jungle Restyled. Vibrant colours and metallics are used in this stunning feature wallpaper. Learn More
  5. IEC-Savuti-109_1001-Landscape

    Savuti By Cole and Son

    Ardmore is a charming and stylish new range of wallpapers and borders in collaboration with Ardmore Ceramic Art celebrating African traditions and culture. Drawing inspiration from Ardmore’s colourful and quirky ceramics the collection explores Africa’s exotic flora and majestic fauna: from rare birds to big cats, elephants, rhinos and mischievous monkeys; as well as the beautiful patterns of Zulu beadwork and woven basket ware. The result, a strikingly sophisticated collection of wallpapers that includes soft and subtle explorations of the majestic landscape as well as colourful creations capturing the vibrancy of traditional African culture. The Savuti is one of Africa’s most loved and well known national parks where hoopoes and hornbills call and sing whilst baboons and chameleons sun themselves in flowering Coral Trees. This wonderful African garden has been recreated as a wallpaper in 7 colourful and distinctive colourings each offering a different look - a bright orange and charcoal with a monotone engraved feel – a duck egg and old stone with a more faded and antique illustrative tones, and a series of three brightly coloured more child-like colourings on grounds of cream, dark petrol and khaki. Learn More
  6. IEOL-Arini

    Arini By Matthew Williamson

    Designed by Matthew Williamson, Arini is a design of tropical birds with colourful metallic plumage set on contrasting grounds. Named after a type of parrot found in Latin America. References IEOL-W6806-01 and 02 are £99.00 a roll. Learn More
  7. IEOL-Nizzam

    Nizam By Osborne and Little

    A collection of wallpapers inspired by the artistic and architectural treasures of Italy, especially those of Venice,as discovered by aristocratic young Englishmen on the Grand Tour of Europe. Nizam wallpaper is a large scale brightly coloured paisley design. Learn More
  8. IEOL-Best in Show

    Best In Show By Osborne and Little

    Best In Show is a fabulous wallpaper design showing various dogs in profile on a metallic ground. Ensuring your walls speak volumnes! Learn More
  9. IEE-Club Holographic

    Club Holographic By Eijffinger

    Club Holographic is printed on a holographic foil wallpaper and has an amazing 3 dimensional diamond design. Learn More
  10. IEOL-Komodo

    Komodo By Osborne and Little

    Komodo features an exotic lizard design printed onto holographic foil wallpaper to achieve a glittering jewel encrusted effect. Learn More
  11. IEOL-Chameleon

    Chameleon By Osborne and Little

    Chameleon is a diamond design printed on a foil wallpaper that has an amazing holographic effect. Learn More
  12. IEE-Chandelier

    Chandelier By Eijffinger

    Chandelier is a fun design printed on holographic foil wallpaper. References 310823 and 310824 are the plain 'bubble' holographic design without the chandelier motif. Learn More
  13. IEAB-Foulards Rajasthan VP683-03a

    Foulards Rajasthan By Elitis

    Foulards Rajasthan is named after the beautiful foulards which tell stories of imaginary faraway kingdoms. Rajasthan shows Persian Kilim rug designs in gorgeous, jewel colours embossed onto vinyl, textured wallcovering. Learn More
  14. IEOL-Grove Garden

    Grove Garden By Osborne and Little

    Grove Garden is an exotically coloured hummingbird darting between foliage, named after the tropical bird garden outside Kells in County Meath. Learn More
  15. IEC-Circus-93-6020

    Circus By Cole and Son

    Circus is an amazing, digitally printed wallpaper incorporating a large scale repeating panel of overlapping, multi coloured harlequin shapes. Digitally printed, this wallpaper can be produced to fit any size wall. Email for prices. Learn More
  16. IEDG-Nash

    Nash By Designers Guild

    Nash is an elegant, unusual large scale, geometric design printed onto fine textured grasscloth. Learn More
  17. IEAB-China Club-VP684-06

    China Club By Elitis

    China Club is named after the beautiful foulards which tell stories of imaginary faraway kingdoms. A romantic design of Chinese lanterns embossed onto vinyl, textured wallcoverings. Learn More
  18. IEC-Woods-103-5024

    Woods By Cole and Son

    Designed by Michael Clark in 1959, Woods is an award winning, striking, contemporary wallpaper design showing sketched trees and branches. Reference IEC-69/12150 costs more as it is a foil wallpaper. Available in phantom shades of grey blue and white, shaded purple, gold and terracotta, a stunning dark brown on silver foil, and classic black and white. This design can be custom coloured, contact us for information. Learn More
  19. IEC-Rajapur-66-5041

    Rajapur By Cole and Son

    This classic large scale paisley wallpaper design is offered in bright and bold colour combinations including lime on turquoise and pink on red, or softer sophisticated palettes of white on grey or pale grey on olive green. Rajapur is an intricate paisley wallpaper design - a perfect choice for your feature wall. Learn More
  20. CC-Globetrotter W0015-01

    Globetrotter By Clarke and Clarke

    Globetrotter is a fun and quirky wallpaper with a hand drawn quality, interpreting famous land marks. A limitless design for both residential and commercial spaces. Learn More
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A feature wall using a bold, stylish wallpaper design is one of the easiest ways of creating instant impact in a room. We offer a range of high quality feature wall wallpapers to help you create the perfect statement piece in any room of your home.

From holographic to flock, metallic to digital, you will be sure to find the perfect feature wall wallpaper, whether your home is traditional or modern, farmhouse or industrial.

If you are having a complete overhaul, feature walls can be a great way of introducing a focal point into a living space, or can be an inexpensive and quick way of giving your old decor an instant facelift.

Dark, rich wallpaper on a feature wall can give a room an intimate, decadent feel, which is ideal for a bedroom or dining room. Conversely, lighter, airier designs can be used to increase the feeling of space and create a calming atmosphere, for instance in a living room or study.

Whatever your requirements, we have an extensive range of wallpapers to suit any situation. The right design on the right wall will have your home turning heads for years to come.