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  1. IEWY-Zigrino-05


    Zingrino is an all over, textured, snake skin print on an embossed wallpaper in metallic colourways creating a subtle, contemporary animal print. Learn More
  2. IET-Essentials-Tiles-218010


    Essentials Tiles is a classic design depicting traditional ceramic tiles on a textured vinyl wallcovering using muted colourings. Learn More
  3. IEOL-Rabanna.2


    Rabanna is a contemporary, holographic foil wallpaper that resembles grass cloth. Learn More
  4. IEOL-Concertina


    Nina Campbell presents a collection of decorative wallcoverings inspired by different continents and periods of history for contemporary international interiors. All the patterns are printed on the easy-to-hang non woven base. Companion and co-ordinating designs are to be found in the COROMANDEL and GIOCONDA fabric collections. The Concertina design features a trompe l’oeil stripe which echoes pleated fabric in soft metallic colourways. Learn More
  5. IEOL-Makrana


    Matthew Williamson’s collection of wallpapers conjures up images of India with a vibrant, contemporary twist. All the patterns are printed on the easy-to-hang non-woven base. Companion and co-ordinating designs are presented in the DURBAR collection of printed and embroidered fabrics. Makrana is named after the marble used in the Taj Mahal, this wallpaper design imitates end papers found in antiquarian books. Learn More
  6. IEAB-Pana


    Pâna is a heavily textured, embossed, vinyl wallpaper with a very realistic patchwork design featuring palm tree wood Learn More
  7. IEAB-Sari-IEAB-VP895-41


    Sari features a realistic, silk and linen craft weave aspect on a vinyl embossed wallpaper. Learn More
  8. IEC-Mineral-107-6028


    Geology meets geometry in this intricately enigmatic wallpaper of soft shimmering, burnished metallic. Mineral is set in a loose hand-drawn hexagonal tile arrangement, these smoky mineral colourings are perfect for elegant daylight or low-lit night light. Learn More
  9. IETI-Starlight-ZAW673


    Create a high end, luxurious look with this contemporary, non-woven backed designer wallpaper. Starlight is a stunning all over glitter wall covering created using tiny Akoya shells. Learn More
  10. IETI-Mercury


    Create a high end, luxurious look with this contemporary non-woven backed designer wallpaper. Mercury is a stunning, natural stone light wall covering with mica sparkles. SOLD BY THE LINEAR METRE, not by the roll. Learn More
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Our contemporary wallpaper collection is as extensive as it is modern. From unassuming neutral shades with delicate patterns, to bold colours and fashion statement designs, we truly believe that we have something to offer everyone.

Our modern schemes contain a widely varied mixture of interesting contemporary wallpaper effects and textures. Our collection gives you the opportunity to include some quirky patterns, fun colours, holographic designs and unique décor in order to add not only a new stylish dimension to your nest, but an element of individual expression.

If you feel that decking an entire room in vibrant wallpaper is not in keeping with your personality, but you also feel particularly drawn to a boldly patterned paper, we have a suggestion that will allow you to check all the boxes, while making your room look particularly stylish and modern. Choose a wall in the room you’re decorating that you’d like to accentuate (often people select the one at the head of their bed if decorating the bedroom), and cover it in the contemporary wallpaper of your choice. The remaining walls should be done in a block colour, giving your room a feature wall. Choose pale colours for the remaining walls in order to help give the room a more spacious appearance.